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Moneydance Budget Bars Extension - Release Notes

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Release Notes

Newest fixes are listed at the top.

ID Description Fix Build
Version 0.7 Beta 3
12 Add new feature: show categories that are in the current budget when picking categories. 19
11 Income categories show the wrong actual value. 19
10 Settings window doesn't remember its last location or size. 19
9 Add new feature: allow setting the order of the bars on the home page. 19
Version 0.6 Beta 2
8 Add new feature: allow automatic rollup of budget amounts. 14
7 Settings display shows U.S. dollar '$' in preview even in other currency sets. 14
6 Calculate Actual amounts by going through all transactions in category, not just splits going 'to' the category account. 14
5 Compile under 1.5.0_16 instead of 1.5.0_17 in hopes it will work better on Macs. 14
4 Won't show 'dirty' asterisk on settings change in Moneydance title bar. 14
3 Plugin requires Moneydance 2008 (cannot be fixed). 14
2 First time install requires Moneydance restart. A change was made but this cannot be completely fixed until Moneydance 2009. 14
1 Add new feature: option to show full category path (and tool tip if off) 14
Version 0.5 Beta 1
0 Initial release 7