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Moneydance Find and Replace Extension - Release Notes

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Release Notes

Newest fixes are listed at the top.

ID Description Fix Build
Added or fixed in build 94
76 When replacing the category with a new category that has a different currency, currency conversion is now performed on the transaction amount. 94
77 You can search using both negative and positive amounts, they will both find the same transactions. 94
78 Previously you could not match on a blank field, such as a blank check number. Now just enter "=" to look for blank fields. 94
80 Allow replacing a positive value with a negative value. Replacing with a negative value toggles the sign. 94
81 Fix crash disabling menus that no longer exist in newer versions of Moneydance. 94
82 Add a UK English localization (localisation!) 94
83 Sorting by the row number now works correctly. 94
84 Fix the Save As dialog for saving searches. 94
86 Show all relevant currency values in tooltip. 94
Added in build 83
75 Link to the documentation help page. 83
74 Allow saving and recalling search and replace parameters. 83
Added in build 80
73 Treat split descriptions for multiple split transactions as memos. 80
Added or Fixed in 1.60 build 76
72 Show the full category path in the tooltip and when exporting to the Clipboard. 76
71 Specify the currency to use for the Amount search. May also search for security share amount. 76
70 Allow replacing either the entire field or just replacing the text matching the find criterion. 76
Fixed in 1.51
69 Find and Replace does not check if replacing category/account will put same account on both sides of a transaction. 73
Added or Fixed in 1.50
67 Set keyboard focus to the free text field as the default. 72
66 Improve keyboard mapping so it works better on Mac and Linux, add the keys to tool tips. 72
65 Add the date selector so you don't always need to type in dates. 72
64 Fix issue with finding transactions based on account or category - 'other side' not always found. 72
63 Move the Find button to the left, beneath the Find section. 72
62 Add a thin border around the Find section and Replace section. 72
61 Increase size of headings of Find section and Replace section. 72
60 Ensure memo is included with results copied to the Clipboard. 72
59 Sometimes need a wait cursor when replacing all or recording. 72
58 Fix windowing problem when you have two or more Find and Replace instances running. 72
57 Add the Consolidate Splits checkbox to toggle showing splits or parent transactions. 72
56 Fix issue with splits: replace description sometimes works on splits but not parent transactions. 72
55 Add the ability to handle both parent (consolidated splits) and split transactions in the results. 72
Fixed in 1.41
54 Fix error when closing the main window (logged by Moneydance). 59
Added in 1.40
49 Add the ability to replace the check number field. 58
50 Register Find and Replace in Moneydance windowing system. 58
52 Add the ability to search on tax date. 58
53 Include the 'selected'/'marked' box when exporting to clipboard. 58
Fixed in 1.32
48 Improve German translation. 54
Fixed or Added in 1.31
47 Improve searching for tags some more by allowing 'Or', 'And' and 'Exact' matching. 53
Fixed or Added in 1.3
46 Improve searching for tags by allowing select all/none and separately making the tags use an And/Or logic setting. 51
45 Fix replacement of items when transactions are in a different order (parent first) 51
Fixed in 1.21
44 Improved the German translation. Thank you Stephan Staub! 49
Fixed or Added in 1.2
43 Don't allow Security accounts to be selected under Account. It doesn't work. Instead, Security accounts may be selected as a Category if 'Include Transfers' is checked. 48
42 Right justify amounts in the table so the decimal point lines up. 48
41 Add Copy to Clipboard feature 48
40 Remember the dialog size and position in user preferences, and restore when shown. 48
39 Convert to base currency before displaying amount - show investment transactions in currency value versus share amount. Show share amount in tooltip. 48
Fixed in 1.11
38 If the table is sorted other than by ID, Go To Transaction picks the wrong transaction. 43
Fixed or Added in 1.1
37 If included tags is blank, no transactions match 42
35 Some transactions don't show up on the 2nd and subsequent find operation 42
34 Negative transactions (subtractions) should be in red 42
33 Auto copy the mininum Amount to find into the maximum, if maximum is blank or zero 42
32 Use the proper technique to mark transactions as modified 42
31 Add version information to the main dialog 42
30 Allow transfers in category list and replace with accounts 42
29 Reset button to go back to defaults 42
28 Search for cleared/uncleared transactions 42
27 Go to transaction (button and double click in table) 42
Fixed or Added in 1.0
26 Sometimes text is cut off by default in some locales - make window wider 30
25 Switching between locales didn't work right 30
24 Add new feature: Include Check # field in free text search 30
23 Localize into Norwegian 30
22 Localize into Brazilian Portuguese 30
21 Localize into Spanish 30
20 Localize into Italian 30
19 Localize into French 30
18 Localize into Greek 30
17 Localize into German 30
Fixed or Added in Beta 5
16 Add new feature: home page view to launch Find 17
15 The Escape key does not dismiss the dialog 17
14 The Find button is not the default button 17
13 Sub-account handling should be recursive instead of one level 17
Fixed or Added in Beta 4
12 Added a 'Count' value in the Summary area 14
11 A small resizing bug on the Mac sometimes obscures the 'Or' radio button 14
10 Ability to select sub-accounts of non-Category accounts 14
9 Replace description for single-split transactions worked only on the split 14
Fixed in Beta 3
8 Changing replacement values and clicking Replace or Replace all does not update the replace value(s) 11
7 After sorting the table, Replace occurs in a weird order 11
6 Undoing checkbox in results table doesn't subtract from amounts above the table 11
5 When not using regular expressions, reserved characters in regular expressions cannot be found 11
4 Tooltip on results table is wrong after it is sorted 11
Fixed in Beta 2
3 Sorting by the date column in the Results table is incorrect 8
2 After replace, should call method that updates all balances 8
1 When replacing amounts, the replacement amount does not follow the same rules as the display 8