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HandyBank for Android

General Information

HandyBank for Android allows you to see your financial situation "on the go" - your Moneydance information always handy on your Android device. You can see account balances, budget status, and even enter transactions anywhere. It synchronizes with your desktop edition of Moneydance so that you always have the most up-to-date information.

Moneydance is a personal finance application available for purchase separately. It has an extension architecture that allows the HandyBank Android app to communicate with it and synchronize.


This application is currently available through the Android Market for $6.99 USD. HandyBank is being developed by Mennē Software Solutions in collaboration with The Infinite Kind. Your purchase of HandyBank supports charity and helps purchase new devices on which to test HandyBank. There currently are no full time staff to develop and maintain HandyBank. Only limited e-mail support is available.

Release Notes

A description of the application is available on the Market here: HandyBank Description

News / Blog

December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful customers! As many of you know, Mennē Software Solutions is currently a sole proprietorship, and these past two months my youngest son had multiple hospitalizations for complications from hydrocephalus. This recently culminated in a major surgery two weeks ago, he is now recovering at home. I therefore have not had much time to spend on HandyBank, and I appreciate your patience. I did manage to test Wi-Fi sync which started working as soon as I hooked up the debugger (kind of the anti-Murphy's Law, where a problem suddenly corrects itself as soon as you start investigating). The Nexus 7 was also updated to Android 4.4, and Wi-Fi sync continued to work. I'm still convinced there was a problem, but I don't fully understand it so I cannot provide a patch yet. I am now working towards an update in the first quarter of 2014.

October 26, 2013

It has been discovered that Wi-Fi sync no longer works on Android 4.3 (now installed on the Nexus 7 test device). Build 572 has been tested and confirmed that Wi-Fi sync works on Android 2.3.4, so it must be something related to the 4.3 update. The investigation has begun. In the meantime, it is confirmed that Dropbox sync still works with Android 4.3, so if you have a device running 4.3 and it is not working, please change to Dropbox sync.

May 27, 2013

Build 572 of the Android app has been released to address a crash that occurs on upgraded app. All 3 rounds of pre-release testing were done on clean installs, and therefore the crash was missed during testing. There are no changes to the extension, so build 571 is still the newest build of the extension.

May 25, 2013

Build 571 is released! The extension is now published on the Extensions → Manage Extensions... menu, and is available on Google Play to update the Android app. The update has been submitted to Amazon Appstore for update there as well. Here are the new features:

April 28, 2013

The next release of HandyBank is feature complete and is in the testing phase. Because the aforementioned Wi-Fi sync problem was released because of inadequate testing, the testing phase will be longer than previous releases. The goal is to release this week. Here are the new features that have been implemented:

After the next release on Google Play and Amazon Appstore, HandyBank may also be released on Blackberry 10 (PlayBook et. al.). That may take a few weeks to implement and test.

April 5, 2013

A problem has been found for Wi-Fi sync on build 554, transactions entered on the mobile device are being ignored. The problem exists only in the extension build 554 and was caused by a fix to Dropbox sync. A new build is being prepared with the fix. If you need to repair this problem sooner than the new build is released, please contact me at and I can send you build 549 extension to roll back to.

A release for the mobile side was not made, but will be combined with the next major feature, support for Reminders on your mobile device. This release will hopefully be made in the next few weeks.

March 16, 2013

Build 554 of the Moneydance extension has been released. This build addresses new issues potentially caused by the Moneydance 2012 automatic save feature, especially when you are using multiple HandyBank devices with Dropbox sync. In the new build, if an automatic save is in progress, a sync will not start until the save completes. If a sync is already in progress and the automatic save feature kicks off, the file will be marked dirty when save completes, which will tell the system to save again. Finally, the mobile transaction file will not be deleted until transactions are imported and the file is successfully saved. These changes should prevent transactions from being lost due to saving and syncing multiple devices at the same time.

A minor release of the Android app is being prepared, it will contain only some minor bug fixes. The next big feature (support for Reminders) will hopefully be released in the April or May time frame.

February 24, 2013

The HandyBank User Guide has been updated to include all the features in the latest release.

The next release is currently in progress, and should be available in the April or May time frame. There have been reports of transactions entered in HandyBank that were lost, possibly due to using multiple devices in Dropbox. An investigation is ongoing, and if the problem and fix are discovered, a release may be done to address that issue.


An online User Guide is available with screenshots and a more complete description.